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Silent Sunday



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Saturday is Caption day!

Saturday Is Caption Day


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Just been in Polka dot heaven

Just had the most fun creating my first pinboard at

See it hereĀ  Polka dot heaven !

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No time to blog – playing on google+

No time to meaningfully blog today as in between teaching polygons and the human body and addition and blending phonics, playing with the one year old, cleaning house, making dinner, going shopping, helping other child with technology homework – I will be playing on Google+ and newly discovered šŸ™‚


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The Gallery: My Guilty Pleasure

Notice there are a few brownies gone from the once overflowing plate – it wasn’t the 5 kids who ate them!

If you are a blogger why not join in with The Gallery


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Money money money ….

I was reading about the campaign to get financial education into the National Curriculum this morning headed up by Moneysaving Expert Martin Lewis. One of my goals for my children home edded and schooled is to make them financially savvy – we are teaching them the value of money and the dangers of using credit (and then paradoxically explain to our 13 year old that she will need to borrow huge amount to go to University but that’s for another day!)
Both myself and my husband cut up our credit cards two years ago and have not used a penny of credit since – we are paying back our debts and will be doing so for a good while yet. We have a budget for everything – we sell things we don’t want any more and use the money to buy the next thing we want/needĀ  in this way we always look for what we call “old money” before use “new money”.
Don’t get the wrong impression – we have made money in the past by moving house lots of times but as the housing market took a downturn we lost money and we are paying the price in our lifestyle now.
If we get financial education on theĀ  school curriculum we will produce a generation of children who can’t have the wool pulled over their eyes by the banks – they will learn to manage money before they get their hands on it in any real quantity and that can only be for theĀ  benefit of society.

Sign the e-petition here or visit

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It’s a memory thing

I love this idea – at www.talesofthings.comĀ  items are being tagged with QR codes – so if you are selling something on ebay you can tag it with a QR codeĀ -(a simple printable tag which can be read by android or iphone (you’ve probably seen these tags on print adverts in magazines etc) This means the buyer of your item can go to the Tales of things website and find out about the history of the item. This really is the start of the “internet of things “

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