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Silent Sunday



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Weird woman in the supermarket!

Had a really upsetting and weird experience in the supermarket yesterday afternoon. I was happily food shopping and engrossed in searching out an end of aisle bargain- my 5 year old daughter had climbed into the main part of the trolley and was sat next to the veg when a woman suddenly tapped really hard on her head. I half took in what happened – was a bit in shock that someone would do that and my DD by this time had her head down on her knees and was crying. I swung my trolley round and went after the woman and asked her what on earth she thought she was doing.She informed me that my daughter had been sucking the trolley and that she would damage her teeth?!! I told her – “she doesn’t have any top teeth (they’ve fallen out) you have no right to tap my child on the head and you have made her cry to which she replied ” F***K off you f**k**g B**ch ! and waltzed off up the aisle laughing!

I only went in for a bag of potatoes ūüė¶


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My Home Ed boy has started a new school

After a lot of thought we applied a few weeks ago for my son to attend our local school. I took him out of his primary school 10 months ago because he was bullied and the school denied it was happening. We also took our youngest daughter out because her class was chaotic and she hated every minute. We have had a fantastic time home educating doing things which aren’t on the National Curriculum. My son is really into gaming and computers so he has learnt to do animation and basic programming. He has made videos and blogged. We’ve done mountains of art and he has had hours to read books books and more books. So why has he gone to a new school? Try as I might he missed the company of other boys. Although he went swimming every week and kept in touch with his old friends the social side of school was hard to recreate. I even tried to set up a local home ed group but home edders don’t like to commit to regular meetings. When a place came up at the lovely primary just around the corner from our house he leapt at the chance. His first two days have been fantastic … He loves it and we are so sure it is the right thing for him. I don’t regret his home ed time, he has regained his confidence and expored his interests but now it’s time for him to move on.
I have one home ed child now .. There is no place for her due to infant class size limits but she is happy home edding until one comes up – happy days

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Mumpreneur Feature: Hopscotch Online

I’m a big supporter of businesses run by mums and ¬†this is the first in a series of features about Mumpreneurs.

Sunshine is a mum to ¬†two small children who ¬†I met via Twitter. I am a gadget freak and use smart phones and an ipad in home education, so when I found out about the app she is developing for busy mums I was intrigued (The app will be a hit with Twitter mums I am sure) I for one can’t wait for it to be available.

Take a look at her video to find out more, read the interview and watch this space as I’ll be keeping you updated.

Interview with Sunshine:

I graduated from the Nation Film School in 1997, I became a successful documentary editor (and occasional director).I was nominated for a Bafta for editing Jamie’s School Dinners.

I had my kids, and after baby two was born I didn’t go back to work, because my husband’s business ( was doing well enough for me to take a break. Cue total rethink of my career etc….

How did the idea for the app  come about?

The idea came about 3 summers ago, when I let go of our nanny and realised what an amazing job she’d been doing! I discovered it was really hard to find out about all the local stuff to do with kids. I had also just got an iPhone and fallen in love with the maps – tick tick tick… IDEA!!

What made you want to start your own business?

When I looked at returning to work after my second child, I felt very strongly that I would only be prepared to leave my kids for something I love and feel passionate about. While I have loved making tv, with this app I really feel we can make the lives of parents easier and more rewarding, and provide easier access to the support of friends and communities… Now,¬†that’s¬†a reason to go back to work..

Are there any Mumpreneurs who have inspired you?

I’ve been inspired by all sort of mumpreneurs, local and international. My friend Sarah Rodrigues writes our newsletter every week, and has been freelance-writing professionally non-stop since she had kids, and until recently she had 3 kids under 5! She’s a powerhouse of motivation and strength!
Obviously Justine Roberts and Carrie Longton of Mumsnet are a great inspiration to me! Tech entrepreneurs mobilising technology to improve people’s lives!
Laura Tenison, founder of Jojo Mamon Bebe, has taken a traditional mumpreneur area but done it with great style and taste.
Tamara Mellon has been an inspiration in the previously male dominated world of luxury brands, she shows true ambition and vision and she’s a single mum.. Hats off.
Visit to register for the newsletter which gives great ideas for things to do with your kids at the weekends and to be kept up to date about the app. Follow Hopscotch on Twitter @HopscotchFoundr or  friend on Facebook

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