Weird woman in the supermarket!

Had a really upsetting and weird experience in the supermarket yesterday afternoon. I was happily food shopping and engrossed in searching out an end of aisle bargain- my 5 year old daughter had climbed into the main part of the trolley and was sat next to the veg when a woman suddenly tapped really hard on her head. I half took in what happened – was a bit in shock that someone would do that and my DD by this time had her head down on her knees and was crying. I swung my trolley round and went after the woman and asked her what on earth she thought she was doing.She informed me that my daughter had been sucking the trolley and that she would damage her teeth?!! I told her – “she doesn’t have any top teeth (they’ve fallen out) you have no right to tap my child on the head and you have made her cry to which she replied ” F***K off you f**k**g B**ch ! and waltzed off up the aisle laughing!

I only went in for a bag of potatoes 😦



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6 responses to “Weird woman in the supermarket!

  1. OMG that’s horrible! What a nutcase! I would have reacted the same as you, first shocked, then chase after. This society is full of weirdoes! I hope your daughter has recovered from this and will forget about it!

  2. Sadie

    Oh my goodness! How bizarre.

  3. Anna Martin

    What an awful woman – how dare she! Horrible for you and the kids having to deal with an upsetting situation like that but you know what? main thing is that your kids know inherently how to behave and will never end up like that obnoxious woman because they have a great example in you. On a different level – but makes for interesting debate, are you watching The Slap? (BBC4 I think.) Excellent adaption so far – worth watching on iplayer. What happens when an adult slaps a child who is not his own?

    • Have been watching The Slap and think I will read the book too – love the fact its set in Australia – the main characters house is like the one my brother in law was living in when we visited

  4. How bloody disgusting! And what if she did have teeth she was ruining it’s not HER child to tell otherwise – and has she heard about speech? I’d have been fuming! Hope your daughter was ok.

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