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Harry Potter has inspired my reluctant reader!

My reluctant reader has been sparked into life via The Cat in the Hat and Harry Potter. The moment a child starts to read independantly is one which is rarely witnessed by parents but this week I have been thrilled to the bone as my six year old dd has found her reading mojo!
She has come from the stance of “I hate reading and I can’t do it ” to reading an The Cat in the Hat from cover to cover. OK – it took nearly 45 mins but it was amazing. We have now leapt to reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – as this will take a very long time with every word sounded out (he! He! ) I have bought the dvd for some light relief !
This reading development has been the result of no specific teaching strategy except loads of games of I Spy – proof to me, (a doubting Thomas as an ex-teacher) that informal learning even autonomous learning – immersion in life if you like – really does work !



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Taking the blog back to its roots!

I began when I found myself home educating two of my five children for reasons well documented on the blog. I got a little immersed in the blogging world and sidetracked to work on a political blog at hence the temporary abandonment of fivekidscounting.Like many blogging parents blogging began to take over my evenings so I have been having a break over Christmas and a rethink. SO folks this blog is going back to it’s roots with its focus on books, digital resources/apps and e-learning and great teaching ideas for home education.
I have only one child in home education now, my six year old daughter – my son started at a new school in September and is loving every minute. In our house there is not a one size fits all approach to education – we make the education fit the child at that particular stage of their life. For our daughter we got through the doors of a lovely small primary school but realised she was happy and thriving learning at home so she continues to learn in a semi structured way. Her lightbulb moment with reading has finally happened and my pride was unbounded when she read 24 pages of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. Now we are immersing ourselves in books books and more books – for a child who hated reading and insisted that she couldn’t and wouldn’t ever be able to read it is a wonderful achievement. We’ve had a great start to our home ed term and I look forward to documenting our learning and sharing resources as the weeks go on.



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