Life gets in the way of blogging

So life well and truly got in the way of blogging over the last couple of months – suppose its better than blogging getting in the way of life. DH had knee surgery and has been hobbling around on crutches and along the way was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I’ve been learning to spin and weave as a way of getting a little me time and am blogging my learning journey over at .They say learning something new is good for you and it has certainly helped me stay sane (even if the kitchen does smell of wet sheep ! Home education continues for one child – its alarming to see that the home ed group I ideally read on Facebook has been joined by the very fantical lady who banned me from her home ed yahoo group for daring to mention the idea of working with the LEA and not against it – I laughed to see she was talking crossly about “one lady ” who “kept banging on about funding” little knowing i am also part of that group and reading her comments – albeit a silent member – freedom of speech and all that – just show you never know who is reading what you write online ! Back to scarf weaving I go ….




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4 responses to “Life gets in the way of blogging

  1. Same here lately. Day job (raising boys) took over for a bit but all good and back on track with the blogging. Definitely better that way round than boys missing out. Think it’s nice to have a break now and again. Love your loom. Wish I had more time for crafts….

  2. Lisa

    There was one person – a new home educator – who kept bringing the subject of financial support up despite no one been interested and despite telling her why they thought like this and why it was best to avoid LAs as much as possible – her response was that people who thought like this must have something to hide.
    9 February at 14:22 · Like
    Whoever posted this does not sound cross and it is just a general refernce. I cannot see where it says anyone was banging on about funding??

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