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Harry Potter has inspired my reluctant reader!

My reluctant reader has been sparked into life via The Cat in the Hat and Harry Potter. The moment a child starts to read independantly is one which is rarely witnessed by parents but this week I have been thrilled to the bone as my six year old dd has found her reading mojo!
She has come from the stance of “I hate reading and I can’t do it ” to reading an The Cat in the Hat from cover to cover. OK – it took nearly 45 mins but it was amazing. We have now leapt to reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – as this will take a very long time with every word sounded out (he! He! ) I have bought the dvd for some light relief !
This reading development has been the result of no specific teaching strategy except loads of games of I Spy – proof to me, (a doubting Thomas as an ex-teacher) that informal learning even autonomous learning – immersion in life if you like – really does work !



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My Home Ed boy has started a new school

After a lot of thought we applied a few weeks ago for my son to attend our local school. I took him out of his primary school 10 months ago because he was bullied and the school denied it was happening. We also took our youngest daughter out because her class was chaotic and she hated every minute. We have had a fantastic time home educating doing things which aren’t on the National Curriculum. My son is really into gaming and computers so he has learnt to do animation and basic programming. He has made videos and blogged. We’ve done mountains of art and he has had hours to read books books and more books. So why has he gone to a new school? Try as I might he missed the company of other boys. Although he went swimming every week and kept in touch with his old friends the social side of school was hard to recreate. I even tried to set up a local home ed group but home edders don’t like to commit to regular meetings. When a place came up at the lovely primary just around the corner from our house he leapt at the chance. His first two days have been fantastic … He loves it and we are so sure it is the right thing for him. I don’t regret his home ed time, he has regained his confidence and expored his interests but now it’s time for him to move on.
I have one home ed child now .. There is no place for her due to infant class size limits but she is happy home edding until one comes up – happy days

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Reasons to be Cheerful

Today I’m joining in with the bloghop on Mummy from the Heart’s fab blog with my reasons to be cheerful:

1. Although the week got off to a rough start with a horrible bullying issue for my girls on the school bus I’m happy to say the school took the bull by the horns and dealt with it swiftly by banning the culprits for a week – so great to see a school tackling bullying head on.

2. My one year old who seemed to be a reluctant talker started to copy every word that came out of our mouths – see video post yesterday – think he is going to be a chatterbox.

3. Letter from mortage company saying we had missed a payment turned out to be a computer error – though the hubby had spent the lot in William Hill ( tongue firmly in cheek I hasten to add!)

4. Got invited to a fab event for Drinkaware in London via Mumsnet Blogger network – can’t go but still nice to be asked.

5. Found £10 under the one year olds bed – he has taken to pulling my purse out of my bag – thought I’d just overspent the budget.On reflection what felt a really stressful week has had some really good bits


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School – what is the point?

School – I just don’t get it.
 What is the point ?
 They make me sit, at a table – for year after year,
 and fill my head
 with stuff I don’t want to hear…
 I can’t get it right,
 I won’t read the words
 and nobody listens
 I can’t make myself heard.
 So they tell me  I’m useless.
 I give up and draw on the desk and throw away my homework and mess up the test.
 So they keep me in at lunchtime and sit me by myself.
 I can’t wait for school to be over –  so I can work for MYSELF

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